Fast Websites

I believe that a second is ample time for the browser to do everything it needs to do to display a webpage to your visitors. Then why are over 95% websites over the internet today taking longer than a second to load?

Fast websites make me happy!

I began developing websites when IE was king and smartphones were unheard of. Back in the days, web development was a very unique and fun filled adventure. Things that worked in one browser had no effect in other browsers while certain code behaved absolutely different in different browsers. This was a time when you were a part of the cool club if your website had flash, and waiting a few seconds for a page to load was not weird at all.

I wanted to change this since the day I started making websites. I wanted everyone irrespective of their network speeds or device choices have a fast and pleasant experience online. I have since then been obsessed with speed. A little too much to be honest. I have built some of the fastest and most visited websites over the internet and I make sure they are built in a way that is functional, maintainable and scalable.

This website for example is one of the fastest websites you could find over the internet.
As per Pingdom, this site loaded in 235 milliseconds from Stockholm, Sweden on 13th August 2018. A fully functional WordPress based website built with speed in mind in under a second.

Imagine a website, your website! that loaded like a missile while maintaining all the features you require and the user experience your visitors deserve. Contact me to see how I can help you with your existing or new website ideas.