Ternary Operators can clean up your code

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JavaScript Syntax for ternary operators

(condition) ? true : false;

Use Case

Consider a situation where you need to work with 3 variables where the assignment of one variable depends upon comparing the other 2 variables.

var netWorthBill = 89;
var netWorthWarren = 80;
var highestNetWorth;

I could go about doing this with if else statements as shown below

if(netWorthBill > netWorthWarren){
  highestNetWorth = netWorthBill;
  highestNetWorth = netWorthWarren;


a better option would be to use this:

highestNetWorth = (netWorthBill > netWorthWarren) ? netWorthBill : netWorthWarren;

Interesting read on Ternary Operators

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