Victor Fernandes

Mumbai, India



Iā€™m an experienced full-stack developer, who works well in teams or independently on a self-directed basis. Outside of my day job, I serve as the go-to tech support guy for all my family and friends.

Lead UI Developer

Mumbai, India
April 2018 – Present

Built custom web applications based on Vanilla Javascript, React and Angular for Interfaces along with php/node, mysql and redis

Optimisation: Enhanced TTFB by 500% by implementing Redis in a legacy php mysql app / Built custom sub 1 second loading WordPress theme / Refactored codebases to enhance speed

Development: Developed several web applications including: Analytics (Similar to Google Analytics – React 16)
WebPush – Interface to manage, report and send push notifications (Angular 6), website.
RESTful API services using Node.js and Express

Other Activities: Technical interviews, formulating problems, Talks on client side optimisations

Web Developer

Boston, Massachusetts / Tel Aviv Area, Israel
April 2016 – April 2018

Responsible for product feature development, global digital marketing, and company web-presence.

  • Reverse engineered and incorporated a third-party developed reporting dashboard into core product in 2 months
  • Developed additional features for reporting dashboard
    Designed and implemented website updates to reduce bounce rates by over 25%
  • Created a new partner portal and online support portal to streamline overall customer support process
  • Managed configuration and deployment of company’s DNS, Licensing and marketing automation servers. (Mautic)


April 2011 – April 2017

Helped 120+ companies and individual clients with a diverse set of WordPress and other web related activities.

  • Achieved ‘Top Rated’ status with 100% success rate score
  • Implemented RESTful API web services
  • Secured and Hardened WordPress sites
  • Recovered 2 WordPress hacked sites successfully and helped whitelist them at Google.
  • Built sites leveraging Google Cloud Platform and AWS
  • Developed Responsive and Cross Browser compatible websites that met all deadlines and deliverables


JavaScript (+ES6) + TypeScript

Extensively worked with JavaScript to create highly interactive and user friendly interfaces using both frameworks and in its vanilla form.

MySQL, PHP, Redis

mySQL – Extensively used MySQL along with WordPress as well as along with php and Java based Applications.

php – Built custom WordPress Themes and Plugins as well as standalone PHP mySQL applications. Built restful backends using Laravel and php

redis – Used redis in conjunction with php and mysql to cache high throughput information as well as increase application serving speed.

React.js / Angular

Worked with React, Angular and vue. I’m most proficient in React and it is my goto choice for most use cases however am occasionally tempted to use Angular especially in a large application that involves a lot of data.

MS/Oracle SQL/mySQL -CLI

Worked with multiple databases over the command line and built complex queries. Most familiar with mySQL

CSS (SASS, CSS3 animations)

Extremely proficient with the latest standards of CSS and Animations. Worked with CSS custom properties, flexbox and Grid. Built complex 3d animations

Java, C#

Although not my main area of expertise, I’m familiar with Java and C++ codebases. Have written multiple projects in these and am familiar with Object Oriented Programming along with concepts of pointers and Data Structures.

WordPress / WP CLI

Spent most of my professional time around WordPress. From building custom made themes and plugins to debugging the most complex issues. I’ve built sites that load well under a second with scalable automated build processes.

Git / Docker / CI/CD

Built various workflows for small to medium applications as well as contributed to various large scale repositories. Extremely familiar with git and used CI/CD tools like Circle CI and Jenkins


Diploma, Digital Marketing
Indian Institute of Management, Kashipur

BE, Computer Engineering
St. Francis Institute Of Technology


Personalized Cued Click Points to overcome the limitations of Persuasive Cued Click Points
The International Journal Of Science & Technoledge (ISSN 2321 ā€“ 919X)

Implementation and Evaluation of Personalized Persuasive Cued Click Points
The International Journal Of Science & Technoledge (ISSN 2321 ā€“ 919X)