How to secure a WordPress Website?

WordPress is very secure out of the box, however there are certain precaution that we could take to Harden our WordPress installation even further. WordPress has a standard guide to follow while Hardening WordPress while this post will help simplify and add to some of those steps along with links to plugins and instructions on how to go about completing them.

The following steps will help you with risk reduction (not elimination) since the risk will never be zero. New exploits are always found and it’s important to keep up with the ever evolving security scenario.

1. Incorporating the Least Privilege Principle

It’s important you plan out your installation in such a way that each file/folder/user only has access to what they need.

2. Changes to wp-config.php

Update WordPress Salt and Keys


How to: Edit these in your wp-config.php file

What are these?: A WordPress salt is a random string of data that hashes the WordPress security keys in the wp-config.php file. Read More


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